Hotwell Level Controller

Maintaining the level of the condenser hotwell is very critical as increase in level decreases vacuum in the condenser and decrease in level increases chances of cavitation of feedwater extraction pump. A closed loop feedback control system of precise level monitoring and control valve positioning regulates the hotwell level within a very small bandwidth typically +/- 20mm.

Lub Oil Temperature Control System

The temperature of the lubricating oil is required to maintain to increase the life of turbine bearing in power stations. A precise monitoring of this oil temperature helps temperature regulator to control oil temperature within very short span typically +/- 2 ˚C

Earth Quake Simulators (Snubber Test Bed)

The earth quake snubbers are meant for the safeguard of heavy masses of the power station. PIPL has developed a test bench for the in-service inspection of snubbers. It is capable of generating velocity up to 10mm/sec and acceleration up to 250mm/sec². Dedicated software accepts input for the type of snubber and adjust the test parameter accordingly and generates graph post completion of test.

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