UV Suraxa Healthcare Virus testing with UV Suraxa Bacteria testing with UV Suraxa Healthcare
  Proven @ The University of Cambridge & NABL Lab.

SURAXA®UV_C is designed to kill 99.999%+ of Viruses and Bacteria
within 1 min
including SARS-CoV-2 (cause for COVID-19) and H1N1 (causes flu)



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Validation at Hospitals

Validated with extreme drug resistance (XDR) ESCAPE pathogens and preliminary reports shows 3 log (99.9%) reduction in 90 seconds.

- Dr. Vikram Padbidri, Consultant and Head, Dept. of Microbiology & Infection Control, Jahangir Hospital, Pune

Validation at Restaurants

I have been pleased with UV Suraxa® performance, which I have been using for a month. This device offers fast and easy disinfection, and is spacious for various items and used by our staff and customers to enable us with a safe start-up of Restaurant and Hotel.

- Ravi Joshi, Owner, Hotel Raviraj, Pune.



Suraxa® Oxyplus - Oxygen Concentrator

As India fights against the increasing number of Covid-19 cases, the demand of oxygen concentrators and cylinders remains high. We, Pune Instrumentation Pvt. Ltd., are under development of oxygen concentrator whose capacity of providing pure oxygen is 90 - 92% and flow rate is 10 LPM. .


Suraxa Oxyplus Oxygen Concentrator/ oxygen generator




The UV Suraxa Auto Unit is a small enough box to be used inside a car which is operable with USB 2.1 of the car charger.  It  is capable of disinfection by killing 99.99% pathogens in less than 5 minutes.

UV Suraxa Auto Unit is a Simple, but effective solution! Simply while driving you can disinfect your belongings on your way to home/office or while waiting for dear ones or at takeaways.

Proven Results – Our portable UV box can keep your cell phone and personal belongings away from potential threats within 5 minutes, proven @ University of Cambridge and NABL Accredited Lab.


UV Suraxa Auto Unit UVC Tenchnology for Disinfection




A portable UV Suraxa® disinfection unit with a reflective interior surface ensures disinfection in all directions and also no UV leaks. This unit is tested by NABL accredited lab, effectively kills 99.99% of bacteria & viruses that live on the surface of your phone, earphones, watches, and other accessories and gadgets.

It is simple to carry as a very light weight unit. The unit requires 230V AC single phase supply which is available to every household.

The maximum size of the items placed inside will be 215 mm x 165 mm x 32 mm (8.5 inch x 6.5 inch x 1.25 inch). 

The UV box based disinfection unit can be used during travel for portable use. Easy to disinfect in 5 minutes killing 99.99% Germs.


UV Suraxa Portable Unit UVC Tenchnology for Disinfection



Suraxa® RespAssist - Emergency Ventilator

Ambu bag (AB) is a flexible reservoir bag used for artificial ventilation connected by tubing and non-rebreathing valve to a face mask or endo-tracheal tube.

Manual Ambu Bags are imprecise and carry their own risks.

This automated Ambu bag system can supply oxygen to needy patients who are suffering during an emergency situation.

Automated Ambu bag provide consistent and effective ventilation for a broad range of patient types and clinical needs.

Our application for the patent is submitted and its reference number is 202011020387.


Suraxa RespAssist PIPL AUTOMATED AMBU BAG Ventilator




Hand held unit houses a UV-C light and an operating switch. The unit reflector design is such it doesn’t allow exposure to the person operating it, when pointed to the surface to be disinfect. It’s size is ideal for sweeping over doorknobs, keyboards, or other smaller surfaces often shared by many hands.

The UV tube will switch on only when the switch keeps pressed, this ensures no unintentional exposure to the human. The exposure time is set by the person operating based on the chart provided to ensure full disinfection.

Handheld uvc disinfection unit



This Test Bench is designed and developed to test Wheelchair performance to support product quality standards and to insure safety.

The following test can be performed on test bench -

a. Hazard Running Test

b. Curb Drop Test


The Test Bench capabilities are -

  1. Weight Capacity - 200 Kg max
  2. Speed - 2 km/Hrs.max
  3. Drop height adjustable range - 10 to 60mm
  4. Test cycle adjustable - 300 to 900 cycles